ATI is a multi-faceted, full service timber enterprise providing state-of-the-art land management, timber harvesting and natural resource stewardship and marketing. Our team brings over 30 years of experience in all aspects of timber, log and forestry marketing, harvesting, management, international shipping and road and bridge building to every project we undertake.

As a family-owned and environmentally respectful forestry company, we are focused on bringing sustainable forestland management into the 21st Century. We hold ourselves to rigorous ethical standards in all aspects of our business, from our commitment to revitalizing local work forces to employing the most efficient, effective and scientifically-based management practices which have resulted in an excellent environmental record for all of our job sites. ATI is proud to contribute to balancing the health of our planetary ecosystem while also providing a high ROI on our projects.

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Kodiak Island, Alaska

Alaska is known as the “Last Frontier”, a state where every effort is challenged. READ MORE