Kodiak Island, Alaska

Alaska is known as the “Last Frontier”, a state where every effort is challenged. Kodiak Island is located approximately 200 miles southwest of Anchorage and boasts world-renowned Brown Bears, King Crab, and Sitka Spruce trees. ATI owns log harvesting rights to 9000 acres of Sitka Spruce logs in Kodiak Island and began exporting Sitka spruce logs from the Island in September 2010, averaging six vessels per year.

Kodiak Project By the Numbers
Species: Alaska Sitka Spruce (Scientific Name Picea sitchensis)

Timber Application: High quality pianos, guitar face, Turbine blades for wind energy conversion systems, Premium interior materials, Premium construction lumber materials

Export Market: China, Korea, Japan

Grade: Camp Run Grade (including Special mill grade, #1/#2/#3/#4)

Log Diameter: 8” and up, with an average of 11.7”

Log Length: 13’-40’ with an average of 30.5’

Log Measurement: US Scribner

Loading Port: Kodiak Island Port, Alaska, USA

Shipment Method: Break Bulk Vessel

Vessel Transit Time: 15 days from Kodiak to China, Korea and Japan

Washington State

Washington state is one the largest exporters of softwood logs in the world and is therefor a very competitive market while also containing some of the most environmentally-restrictive laws in the world. ATI is at home here, surrounded by export and domestic competitors and partners — purchasing open market timber and timberland. ATI ships logs out of Astoria, Hoqiam, Tacoma and Seattle to the Asian marketplace utilizing both bulk ships and containers.

Washington Project By the Numbers
Main Species: Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Spruce

Timber Application: Premium interior materials, Construction lumber materials, Furniture Components

Export Market: China, Korea

Grade: #2, #3 saw grades

Log Diameter: 11.5” +/-

Log Length: 34.5’ +/-

Log Measurement: US Scribner

Loading Port: West Coast Ports

Shipment Method: Bulk and Container

Vessel Transit Time: 25 days from USA to China, Korea